The Empowered Voice is founded on the following principles which are integrated into the philosophy of everything we do.

  • The role of a music teacher is to facilitate moments of self-discovery and foster a culture of creativity
  • Music classes and workshops are nurturing, safe environments
  • Students have as much to teach one another as a facilitator does
  • Imagination, play and bodywork are a necessary part of the creative process
  • Learning should be exciting and fun, while still feeling natural
  • Learning should lead to the desire to seek even more knowledge

Sessions with The Empowered Voice seamlessly combine complex technical understandings of music and bodywork while remaining accessible to everyone. The Empowered Voice has the mission to foster a creative connection with one another, and especially within ourselves – locating and honouring the musical compass within all of us.

Be empowered and liberate your voice within!

katie headshotKatherine Bessette is the founder and primary facilitator of The Empowered Voice. Katherine’s journey with music is life-long, culminating in a degree in Psychology and Music from the University of Alberta. Her research led her to work under the mentorship of Dr. Michael MacDonald, assistant professor at MacEwan University and renowned ethnomusicologist, together exploring the connections between music learning and the development of inherent creativity. Her goals of unblocking the creative spirit by altering the conventional learning environment began to take shape as she started studying with accomplished singer,¬†integrative body psychotherapist and voice instructor, Anna Beaumont, in Edmonton. These influences and experiences have motivated Katherine to develop a practice centered around innovative, body-centered techniques where she can channel her musical gifts and passions into helping others and continually exploring powerful connections between music, community, and individual well-being.

Katherine Bessette is also the artist behind Kahtja and the founder of the women’s art collective, Goddessa.