As we continue to expand and grow our portfolios, we are gathering wonderful testimonials along the way. Please enjoy reading through the transformative experiences of our clients and be inspired to do voice work too!

My voice has been silenced by fear.  During my session with Katie, she used a variety of techniques and exercises to encourage vocal expression through breath and body.  I felt safe and supported through the whole experience. At the same time, I had a blast singing one of my favourite songs. I left feeling more centered and relaxed.  Vocal work is pivotal to my healing.  Thank you Katie!        

I had such an amazing experience! I was reminded that singing can be playful and enjoyable. My vocal vibrations are a reflection from within, that can make me feel vulnerable… But this was an incredibly safe space for me to explore and appreciate, find value in my unique sound and expression. Thank you so much! I look forward to the next group singing lesson 🙂

Kahtja created a truly safe space, allowing me to relax into my body and voice. I really enjoyed the meditation she led at the beginning of the session. We were encouraged to take care of our own needs and to connect with others at the same time. I loved the reminders to have fun and play, instead of my regular seriousness. I felt very calm and relaxed at the end. I would definitely take another workshop with her.

I’ve always been shy with singing and struggle to find my voice in song. Katie has always encouraged me to make any sound possible and creates a safe space to explore my voice. Feeling vulnerable singing and starting to overcome that feeling has allowed me to be much more confident in my voice overall. In the last year I’ve publicly spoke and lead workshops on permaculture, natural building, contact dance and full moon ceremonies. It feels amazing to be able to share what I am passionate about and I truly believe this work is the catalyst.            

This workshop was incredibly uplifting. Anyone with zero or the most experience would benefit from this class. The playful and intentional vibe through the class made it really easy to participate and comfortably express myself. The guided meditation was amazing and brought deep awareness to my body and was a great way to get us ready and into our body. Kahtjia is an amazing facilitator and i will definitely continue to learn and take her classes.

A born composer of sound and movement, Katie has a way of capturing the attention of all walks of life.  She is to create a magical connection wherever she is, whether it be in nature, homes, or schools.  It is a true gift to be in her presence; she creates a comfortable setting for all to learn and grow. She is both strikingly beautiful, ageless and a trustworthy leader who is a teacher but never stops learning for herself too. Katie is a very delicate woman with very powerful energy, and people are lit up after any type of work with her!                                                    

I just attended the Ground Into Your Sacred Sound workshop and could not recommend it enough. I LOVED IT!!!! I loved the sacred container, the liberating feeling of using my voice and reflecting on the power of sound. Thank You Katherine Bessette (Kahtja)!